July 12, 2016

Hill Giant Steading lower level continues

This may be updated later for more accuracy and better chronology.

Freed 6 Dwarves and ran somewhere and were joined by Thorbald just before an attack by powerful 14+ ft tall giant insect looking thing which the party destroys before moving on.

Another encounter with a powerful enemy attacks Traubon after they pass some rocks.
The party drops it in 1 round.

Barimil detects another insect thing behind them and turns and attacks first. Barimil then gets killed and Jaltor is turned to stone (not the first time this happened…) from one of the insects eye ray attacks.
Insect then kills Thorbald.
Linwee survives a shot of electricity from Insect thing.
Another Insect thing arrives and is attacked by party before its eye rays flame Traubon who then kills it after it fumbles.

The party then clears rocks blocking a door and encounter a fire explosion and a barrier of blades.while Traubon is grapples by Black Tentacles as he orders for light to be cast.

Arimil fires into the darkness.
Traubon rushes through the blades and attacks a black guard.
Apparently there is a Drow party here attacking them, Elentis smites them and kills the guard. A mage is dead from Arimil’s attack or died from the smite follow up.

Drow casts Flamestrike.
Drow fighter hits Traubon for very little damage.
Drow casts a fireball on party.
Traubon kills his attacker.
Urthal heals.
Linwee casts Flamestrike.
Elentis casts light on her mace.

Drow female casts darkness and retreats.

Urthal casts hold fleeing Drow female but she saves.

Traubon tackes the Drow female and she takes dames from him and his spiked armor.



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