Treasure Room


The party did kill the Wizard at the Treasure room and looted it.
Aramil has a log of the items. They were able to catalog and ID the magic but didn’t count or catalog the gems or coinage.

Linwe found a useful book on Vampires and learned a lot and read it to the group.

They found the stairs go down to a cave with an artificial wall sealing it up. Linwe thought Jaltor may have been possessed when he went down alone and came back.

Sothiliam is alive now and lost a level. Erath is still suffering his drain. Last encounter was 3 Bearded Devils who also summoned a 4th. Aramil killed one outright in round 1. Aramil can deal massive damage with a critical hit.

Traubon saw the Wizard just as the 4th Bearded Devil arrived. Traubon rushed and grappled him and Aramil killed the Wizard with a Critical arrow shot. Jaltor asked what happened to the boy. They forgot. Aramil says there is not much they can do now and they got the magic and pressed on to the Kitchen area to investigate the movement Linwe saw there before.

They moved on to the Kitchen and it’s Storage area where we stopped.

There are about 2.5 hours of daylight left before the Vampires awake at dusk/dark.



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