NewKeep history recap

Aramil hired 20 Mercenary Archers to settle in NewKeep as militia. they were former Border Scout Archers and he hired them at 4sp/day initially.

He paid them 1/2 in advance & bought them 2000 arrows (200ea) along with 2wks Trail Rations just in case, 200 Torches, 40 pints of oil, 1 wagon with 2 light horses, misc supplies to make them a good core for the garrison of Newkeep.

Also bought 2 more wagons, 4 light horses, 20 man Construction crew, Blacksmith and 2 stable boys for 825gp.

20 Mercenary Archer Scouts wtih 2000 Arrows and Holy Symbols

  • 2wks Trail Rations
  • 200 Torches
  • 40 pints of oil
  • 6 wagons
  • 12 light horses (2 per wagon)

1 Blacksmith and 2 stableboys

1 Mason and 2 apprentices

20 carpenter construction crew for Inn and Tower at least.

Aramil spent approx 1650gp on all the above.

Meeting with Elder Aranda, Constable Malwick and 10 other Elders they decide to:

  • repair/rebuild damaged houses and expand the town and the population partly by settling hirelings and mercenaries here, partly in response to discover of Vampires recently…
  • build barracks for a militia
  • build up the Stable/Inn to accommodate 50 even if 40 are in a common room and let Gerd and Temmet keep/run the Inn
  • build a barracks probably North of Town at the cart/cottage locale so that barracks are near the keep
  • Keep built out to 40sq ft, 4-story tower with good view of center of town



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