July 19, 2016

Hill Giant Steading lower level continues further

Another giant insect thing rushes the Drow female and Traubon.and kills the Drow with electric eye rays, Traubon survives even though wearing Plate armor.

Party fires on insect.

Insect blasts Traubon to no effect.

Traubon frees himself from tentacles but then falls to ground in a fumble.

Insect can’t finish Traubon, Arimil puts insect away.

Party then enters the room.

Armil can’t ID the religion he suspects is involved in the room decoration.
Sothiliam IDs the altar at the end as magic.
Linwee observes.

Thorbalt attacks Arimil after they both inspect behind the altar at end of the room and started crying but Thorbalt fumbles to the ground.
Arimil pins Thorbalt to the ground.
Traubon attacked the altar and screamed, started to cry and dropped his weapon.

Elentis, Linwee, Sothiliam and Urthal are in the room alive apparently.



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